"The Matrix 2360 and the 2210 are working beautifully, they are designed and built to run forever."


"Our (Matrix) 1600 is working like a champ!"


"thanks again for all of your support last year with the 1600 dispensing system. I really appreciate the trial period Dave offered us and then you fast tracking the order so that we could meet our development timelines. We were able to successfully complete our project milestones and we definitely owe a lot of the performance gains to automating the dispensing step."


"In terms of the (Matrix 1600) upgrade itself, it is FANTASTIC? It is very easy to use in terms of changing the fill volume and we are very happy with it!!! Well done!"



"The Matrix 5051 has been a game changer in our manufacturing processes. What used to take us over a week to cut and process, now takes us only two days. On top of that, Kinematic is so helpful and accessible when it comes to troubleshooting any issues that may arise."


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