Kinematic Automation is a vertically integrated provider of state-of-the-art manufacturing systems exclusively for the medical and diagnostics Industries. Our capabilities include all aspects of machine design and development, fabrication, assembly, and testing.  In addition, our dedicated and tenured staff is very adept at machine installation and startup and in the training of operators and maintenance personnel.


We build each system to exacting standards, utilizing the tenets of lean manufacturing. And since we are 100% focused on the medical and diagnostics industries, we understand how to apply cGMP, GAMP 5, and 21CFR Part 11, and Part 821 requirements.  We also know how to listen to input from our customers.  Our success over the years can be attributed in part to our insistence on making our customers an integral part of our project team.  After all, our customers know their product and existing processes the best.


Another aspect that sets Kinematic apart from other providers of automated equipment is our unique approach to machine serviceability.  We design and build every system with the service and maintenance technician clearly in mind.   We provide easy and quick access to internal components of each machine through the use of quick release latches and slide-out, or pivot-open modules (or other similar assemblies).   This ease of access translates to shorter service and MTR (mean time to repair) cycles, significantly resulting in greatly enhanced machine efficiency and up-time.


Kinematic machines are Internet-enabled, which means we can troubleshoot from anywhere in the world. In addition, new or revised programs can be uploaded automatically. Advantage - enhanced machine efficiency and up-time.



Kinematic Automation’s business is divided into two distinct but related areas of focus:

  1. Custom Systems
  2. Systems for the development and manufacture of rapid diagnostic test strips and bio sensors



Our custom systems can be designed for any large-scale, automated manufacturing process. This includes  high speed assembly systems, web processing systems, special and proprietary automated manufacturing processes and other advanced automation machines for medical and diagnostic companies.


Our custom systems typically include a number of integrated processes and as such include a significant custom engineering content.



Kinematic Automation is the world’s leading supplier of development and manufacturing systems for the diagnostic test strip industry.  With installations worldwide, Kinematic machinery produces BILLIONS of test strips annually.  Our broad experience and technical expertise enables us to deliver  proven solutions to the challenges facing test strip manufacturers at greatly reduced risk and cost.



Founded in 1980, Kinematic has been developing and improving its technology for decades.  We have a solid foundation of proven designs supported by a stable technical staff.  In addition we've encountered and solved most of the issues encountered during in the process of developing and manufacturing rapid diagnostic test strips.  Customers can be confident that Kinematic will be here years from now to provide continued support for their development and manufacturing activities.



Our decades of experience has resulted in the development of a number of state-of-the-art technologies for the manufacture of diagnostic test strips. Some Kinematic strip manufacturing technology is patented, some is patent pending, and some is not patentable but is unique and proprietary.   Our technology has evolved over the years as we've addressed new issues, sped up processes, and as new electronic or control architectures have become available.   We're continually pushing the envelope to hone and improve our technology.



Many decades in the industry has allowed us to provide the ultimate in high volume test strip manufacturing technology.  Our high-end systems employ machine vision systems for continuous 100% in-process inspection.  This is critical to high volume manufacturers' very high throughput, high yield process and can greatly enhance the validation process.   Our systems have been proven  to be rugged, reliable, and simple to service and maintain.



Developed from expertise gleaned during the development of our high-end test strip automation systems, our Matrix Series offers solution for virtually every process requirement. Matrix modules are used for dispensing reagents, laminating membranes and wicking materials, cutting strips, and assembling strips into plastic housings.


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