Matrix 2531™ Overview

The Matrix 2531 Rotary Slitting Module is an extension of Kinematic's workhorse, the Matrix 2501 Rotary Slitting module. This new version employs the best of Kinematic's technology to automatically feed cards, register them for accurate cutting, and then direct them into the slitting operation.

Since many high-volume test strip products such as those for blood glucose testing, require accurate dimensional parameters, the Matrix 2531 is the perfect low-cost solution for accurately registering and slitting them. The cards are fed automatically from a "Load-on-the-Fly" card magazine, registered to a printed or physical feature on the strips, and then fed into a highly precise rotary slitting assembly.

After slitting, the strips exit the machine via a tapered output chute allowing easy collection in a bottle or vial. Options are available that improve strip collection efficiency. These options range from multiple-sort divert chutes for collecting the strips to a vibratory drive base to gently vibrate the output chute to make the strips fall easier.

The Matrix 2531 vs. other rotary cutters

  • Ergonomic machine design with easy set-up
  • Blades require virtually no maintenance other than cleaning
  • Excellent output geometry for strip handling
  • Compatible with virtually all test strip materials
  • Blade life is extremely long

Key Features

  • Automatic "Load-on-the-Fly" card magazine
  • Modular Design
  • Quick change cutting modules
  • Very low maintenance
  • Very high throughput

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Matrix 2531 Auto Feed Rotary Slitting Module

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Matrix 2531 Auto Feed Rotary Slitting Module
Matrix 2531 Auto Feed Rotary Slitting Module