Matrix 2210™ Overview

The Matrix 2210 Universal Laminator Module is an easy to use card lamination instrument. Designed to laminate a wide variety of rapid diagnostic test strip products, this unit can easily support your laminating requirements from product development through production quantities.

Constructed of high quality components and engineered for long life, the Matrix 2210 will provide outstanding performance and value. With a patented, low cost, quick change track alignment key system, you may begin processing an entirely different card product in a matter of minutes. Combined with this unique flexibility is Kinematic Automation's proven performance and reliability embodied in all Matrix Series modules.

The Matrix 2210 vs. other Laminators

  • Flexible for multiple products (changing the alignment system in 60 seconds)
  • Vacuum is generated by compressed air
  • Card is made right side up

Key Features

  • Quick change track alignment key
  • Low Cost
  • Process multiple products with one unit
  • Verify high laminating accuracy
  • Repeatable process control
  • High throughput
  • Very low maintenance
  • Ease of use and set-up
  • User configurable vacuum platens


US Patent No. 5.849.141

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Matrix 2210 universal laminator

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Matrix 2210 universal laminator
Matrix 2210 universal laminator