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Our Signature Service Program now includes reduced service and travel rates for service plan participants!


Congratulations on your selection and purchase of an automated production system designed and manufactured by Kinematic Automation. Your production system is comprised of the most advanced technologies available, and it is designed to provide many years of service when properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


To ensure successful and efficient operation, we have developed a comprehensive maintenance program to supplement your internal maintenance activities. The Signature Service program provides a number of benefits developed to keep your system running like new. The primary value of our Signature Service program is to proactively address issues and problems before they become critical and cause downtime. Key benefits of the Signature Service program include reduced service and travel rates for service plan participants.


In many cases, if this program can save a single day of lost production it will more than pay for the Plan.


Program Benefits

  • Offers reduced service and travel rates for plan participants
  • Provides proactive rather than crisis service activities
  • Helps to avoid unscheduled downtime
  • Augments training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Service technician is specifically trained to service your production system
  • A professional and detailed diagnostic service report is submitted after each site visit with specific
  • recommendations for any component replacements, upgrades, or system enhancements that should be considered on future visits
  • Allows for maintenance activities to be scheduled during non-critical production periods
  • System upgrade recommendations based on continuing technology advancements and improvements
  • Highly cost effective


Program Basics

A Kinematic Automation-certified technician will contact your designated representative prior to site visit. The system should be taken out of operation for a period adequate to complete required maintenance. The technician will examine the overall condition of the system and undertake the predetermined maintenance activities as well as any other approved repairs necessary to keep your system performing at peak efficiency.


This program provides for regularly scheduled visits from our technical team to make routine adjustments and process optimizations, analyze current and identify potential future problems, evaluate the overall process and identify parts that may be wearing out and make recommendations for replacement at a future visit, and to support your staff with additional training and support. In other words our Signature Service Program strives to maximize uptime by routinely checking over the machine and supporting your technical staff. We have been at this business since 1980 and our experience tells us over and over again how valuable this service is to our customers.



A preliminary list of items is provided below as an example only of typical service items. A specific list designed to meet the maintenance needs of your specific automation system will be provided within our quotation. Typical service items include:


  • Check and set all critical system alignment parameters
  • Check drive belts & pulleys
  • Inspect drive rollers for wear
  • Inspect all Pneumatic fittings, lines & devices
  • Check for “loose” mechanisms and hardware
  • Inspect vacuum filters
  • Inspect service loops
  • Inspect all cord sets & connectors
  • Inspect/clean/lubricate moving components as required
  • Inspect RTD’s, Thermocouples
  • Inspect web handling components
  • Inspect all components subject to wear and periodic replacement
  • Clean out all electrical J-Box’s and enclosures
  • Record total machine cycles



  • Refresher training for operator and maintenance staff
  • Helps to keep equipment adjusted and working properly after departure of Kinematic Service Technicians
  • Strengthens trouble-shooting and problem resolution skills
  • Helps maximize uptime and process yields


Customer Support

Upon completion of all scheduled and approved repairs, the technician will present to your designated contact, documentation outlining the procedures and repairs carried out on the equipment. Together they will review the list and discuss any specific needs or additional system upgrades that may further improve the performance of your system.


Our staff of dedicated engineers and technical personnel stands by to do what ever is necessary to assist you in keeping your equipment performing at peak efficiency.


Signature Service

Preventative Maintenance Program

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