The Matrix 2390 High Speed Cut & Place System offers a unique and proprietary high-speed technology for the cutting and placing of diagnostic test strips into plastic cartridge housings.


Configurations for web feed or card feed of laminated test strip material are available.


The color touchscreen operator interface panel continuously displays real time production tracking, system and material status, calibration screens, and system parameters, as well as troubleshooting and warning screens.


Utilizing Kinematic’s new proprietary high speed technology that cuts and places test strips in one motion, the Matrix 2390 allows for extremely long blade life while cutting even the most demanding materials. The strip drive motor calibration feature provides precise control of strip width. Material reject section detection and  elimination is fast and efficient.


The Matrix 2390 is versatile in design allowing it to integrate the addition of other components into the housing assemblies. 100% in-process vision inspection of each assembled housing is included. The vision monitor displays the inspection images and results in real time. Closure height of each housing is verified.


The Matrix 2390 system is ideal for the dedicated high volume production of single products. The system provides the optimal solution for moderately-priced, high volume, fully automated production of lateral flow diagnostic products.


Key Features

  • Touch screen operator interface terminal for simple setup and operation
  • Automatic powered web unwind or card feeding from a magazine
  • Vibratory bowl feed of housing components
  • Proprietary high speed shear and place in one motion technology
  • Automatic edge trim and scrap removal
  • Automatic reject management
  • Automatic device closure
  • Automatic offload


Matrix 2390 Overview

Matrix 2390

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Matrix 2390

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